Website Maintenance

A website is a foremost part of any business/organization and hence needs to be routinely updated and maintained to attract the visitors and continuously drive customers/ audience to your business/organization. Nobody wants to visit a website that is not so attractive in terms of looks and obsolete. With a growing and dynamic nature of the business, one should perform website maintenance on a routine basis and keep its website updated, attractive, perfectly functional with the latest developments. This is where you would require professional website maintenance services.

Adding buttons and graphics

Uploading products

Adding pages

Photo slideshows


Newsletter setup

Blog installation

Add Facebook & twitter and other social media icons.

Content updates, announcements, articles, etc.

Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics

Adding/removing pages

Image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)

Newsletter & email list maintenance

Shopping cart product updates

Website modification and the addition of website content

PDF creation and uploading